Fifth Word 2020

"I am thirsty!"

By Cereza Ana P. Balla 

(Cereza studied at De La Salle University-Dasmarinas and graduated in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. She is the second eldest daughter amongst four sisters.)

It is a phrase people usually say when they are parched and in need of some refreshment. However, this phrase is also used by some people to express their desire for something they probably lack. Some long for affection. Others yearns for more knowledge. There are several who crave for power or lust for revenge, while there are those who thirst for something else.  But if it is Jesus who utters the words “I am thirsty”, what do you suppose He is thirsting for?

Looking at what is stated in John 19:28 ---“After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.” ----; it is possible that Jesus thirsts for the sweet relief of reaching the end of His suffering while being assured that everything will fall into place in accordance with God’s divine plan for the people’s salvation, after which He will be able to rest in the presence of His father in heaven.

Indeed, who wouldn’t wish for success after going through a lot of difficult things and persevering until the end? 

That aside, the moment Jesus said, “I thirst”, it was as if He was showing us that whatever circumstances we may be in, it would be alright to have moments of weakness and that it is okay to admit when we are feeling distressed or exhausted, because no matter what, God will always be there to support us and give us rest. He will be there to aid us and assure us that everything will turn out alright in the end.

“Bahala na…” is a phrase that I admittedly use a lot. I use it when I am too lazy to deal with something in a particular moment. I use it when I am feeling frustrated due to being unable to progress much with the task at hand. I use it when I have reached the end of my patience and no longer wish to deal with the task at hand. I use it when I feel like I could no longer think of anything to do that would improve the project or assignment I am working on. I use it when I submit my exam papers, and not really feeling confident with my answers. I use it when I am losing hope that I could do more. That aside, I also use it despite wanting to plow through and do more instead of leaving it to chance. I use it regardless of knowing I could probably squeeze some more motivation and skills to use to assure the success of my goal. Nonetheless, I still use it because I just want things to be over and done with. I use it because I am running on empty and am simply yearning and praying that some divine miracle would take over and things would turn out fine.

As it was said earlier, everyone longs for different things. But whatever one thirsts for, it could never be obtained unless one spends time and effort to obtain it. However, I believe that as long as we stay strong in our faith with God, we can continuously pursue what we have set are our hearts on, without the fear of not being able to find relief in between the struggles and numerous obstacles that we are sure to face along the way. 


Lord, our beloved Light and Savior, we are sorry for the times when we have failed to adhere to Your will and strayed from Your path. We are sorry for those moments when we let our own pride stop us from reaching out not only to others but to You as well. Thank You O Lord, because despite our wrongdoings, You never ceased to support us and lead us back to the righteous path.  We also give thanks for Your presence in our lives, for continually reassuring us that every difficulty we have and will face will all be worth it in the end. We ask of You, O Lord, to be our strength when we feel weak, and to give us rest when we are weary. Amen.